The Charlotte Apple Computer Club

We are the Charlotte’s region’s original “Mac club” -- a Macintosh User Group (MUG) focused on helping Mac and Apple product users in the greater Charlotte metropolitan region.

Everybody involved in CACC shares common interests, including a desire to learn more about personal computing and to help others along the way. In its truest sense, CACC is a community—dedicated to you!

Since 1978, we have served the Charlotte region. What started as a group of dedicated Apple ][ users who would literally tote their expensive "toys" to meetings and share personally-written applications has evolved into your regional Macintosh Users Group. Incorporated through the North Carolina Secretary of State in 1983, we are well-organized, legitimate, and dedicated.

Our officers and members are users and technology lovers. We’re here to help you learn more, to answer questions, and to understand and educate.

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